Little Acre Pepper Whole Mustard Seed

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With the tangy flavor of aged balsamic vinegar, the sweetness of dried figs and a subtle hint of garlic, this gourmet mustard is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Providing a unique blend of taste and texture sensations, our Balsamic & Fig flavor is especially good for topping hors d'oeuvres or cheese and crackers. Serve with a charcuterie board or a cheese plate. We love it as a sandwich spread or as a glaze for swordfish or salmon. 

Our new and improved Balsamic & Fig Whole Seed Mustard contains organic ingredients, (all except the figs are organic). It is made with gluten free ingredients in a 100% peanut free facility. Vegetarian friendly.

Pair it with sauerkraut on a grilled ham and cheese. Yum!

Chad loves adding this to his sausage sandwich or to pork loin chops!