Ass Over Teakettle - Bloody Mary Mix

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Ass Over Teakettle - Bloody Mary Mix - Smokehouse - 32 FL OZ or 6 fl oz

In upcountry Maine, there is a place called Cornville.  This is where Miss Katie Quinn first created this glorious concoction that you hold in your hands right now.  In five gallon pickle buckets.  Katie would mix the secret ingredients until she mastered the perfect recipe.  Adding a smokey flavor for a more robust taste!  If this is your first taste of ATK, you are in for a treat!  Simply put, it'll kick you square in the donkey!


Better than a poke in the eye!

1.  Rim a pint glass with Humphrey's Sap Sucker

2.  Fill pint glass with ice

3.  Pour 3-4 oz of your spirit of choice

4.  Fill with ATK, just below the rim.

5.  Garnish with a ST Louis Rib or peppered bacon!