1/2" Dense Fiberglass Rope Gasket

Regular price $ 1.95

Order this gasket by the foot.  High Quality dense fiberglass rope gasket.  

Sold by the foot.

Don't forget the silicone adhesive.  Click here!

Weekender: (both doors) 12 feet

Battle Box  (both doors)  14 feet

Pint & Long Weekender (both doors)  15 feet

DownEast Beast (both doors)   16 feet

Qube'd Box  (both doors)  16 feet

Qube'd Pint (both doors)  17 feet

Qube'd Beast (both doors)   18 feet

Box Plus  (both doors)  18 feet

Pint Plus (both doors)  19 feet

Beast Plus (both doors)   20 feet


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