Weekender Series Smokers

The Weekender Series is made up of The Weekender, The Long Weekender and the Holiday Weekender.  

In this picture the Long Weekender is on the left, the Weekender is in the middle and the Holiday Weekender is on the right.

The Weekender series is a light duty smoker that offers awesome portability.  These smokers are made in the USA.  The daisy wheel on the firebox door makes these smoker super easy to dial in. 

The Weekender Series Smokers are reverse flow smokers that have a drop in 4" deep water pan.  Heavy duty firebox, ash pan and tel tru thermometer are included.  

What separates these smokers from our standard line like the Battle Box and the Pint?  Well the biggest difference is that we took the frame out and engineered the sheet metal to have bends in strategical locations making it strong.  The hinge system is also different.  The piano hinge on the weekender series give lots of strength to stainless doors and opens to 90 degrees.   

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Regular price $ 1,995.00