Big Poppa Smokers - Cooking Mats

Big Poppa BBQ Cooking Mats make grilling ANYTHING 100x easier, ideal for fish, bacon, veggies and anything your grilling heart desires.

These non-stick BBQ mats make flipping a breeze and clean up is even easier being dishwasher safe. Don't have a dishwasher? the sink will do just fine, even hosing it down in your backyard works just as good! These cooking mats require minimal care and last for years.

End the pain of scrubbing food off your grill. Big Poppa BBQ Mats are your guaranteed to work painkiller. 

Big Poppa Cooking Mats are NOT to be exposed to direct flame, they are designed to be indirect and can take up to 500F. Be cautious when using. Recommended to use in low heat. 

The Big Poppa BBQ Mats featured on this page measure in at a versatile 19"x14.5" which fit in any standard Humphrey's Smokers or 19" x 19" which fit in any Qube'd Series.  Can also be used on the grill or in the oven.

Big Poppa Grilling Mats are a great BBQ accessory for smoking or grilling delicate foods - fish, veggies and many others. Avoid the trouble of food sticking to your grates or falling through the cracks with Big Poppa’s BBQ Cooking Mat. Big Poppa’s BBQ Mats are 100% non-stick, dishwasher safe and FDA approved. Make BBQ clean-up easy with an easy to use Big Poppa BBQ Grill Mat.


-Big Poppa BBQ Mat 19"x19": $19.95
-Big Poppa BBQ Mat 19"x14.5"  $14.95