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Humphrey's Smoker BBQ Shootout and Auction

When is it? November 25, 2017       5am to 5pm

Where is it?   Greenleaf Masonic Lodge - Cornish, Maine

What is the Mission? To raise money for the Shriners  Hospitals for Children.


  1. Compete in our 3 category Cookoff—open to any style of cooking. The categories are Ribs, Sausage and Chef’s Choice. The meat is provided for the Rib and Sausage Category.
  2. Purchase award winning BBQ entries, rubs, sauces, and local fare in our BBQ Auction to take place immediately following the judging/awards
  3. Make a donation directly to the Shriners Hospital for Children or donate an item to be used in the auction. Shriner’s and event organizers will be on site to help you with this.

Contestants will be turning in their entries starting at 1:30. The awards ceremony will be immediately following the results tabulation and Auction will follow. For additional           information visit our Facebook page, 2nd Annual Humphrey’s BBQ Shoot Out & Auction, or call 207-793-2598 or email:

If you want to participate as a team and would like the cooks packet you can download it here:  COOKS PACKET

Order your Entry Fee here

Can't attend, but want to donate:  Click here

If you would like to pay by credit card or PayPal, please message us and we will send an online invoice to you.


2017's event is now in the books!

Wow!  What a great Weekend!  Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, and I cannot express how thankful I am for my Local and BBQ community!   Yesterday, Chad and I hosted a BBQ competition that raised money for the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.  This year’s donation will be going to the Springfield, MA hospital for the orthopedic division.  They are in dire need of wheelchairs for children and our donation will directly impact the lives of many children to become mobile.   It is with the team entries, donations, auction bids, that we are able to donate $6865.00.  Just amazing!

We had 16 teams this year that put out fantastic food (said the judges).  This year’s teams were, Smokin’ Hoggz, Smokin Aces, Hokie Pokie Q, Q-Shanty, Poor House BBQ, Paddy McQ’s, Burning Sensation, Cider Boys, Nuggets Nibblets, Baystate BBQ Company, Tubby’s BBQ, Hammah Down BBQ, Totally T-Bone, Pop’s Chow Haul, School of Hard Knox, and Smokin’ Good Times ME!  Thank you for enduring the cold breeze and cooking your hearts out!  I want to congratulate all the winners!

Here are the winners

Sausage: Smokin’ Hoggz

Ribs: Burning Sensation

Chef’s Choice: Paddy McQ’s

RGC: Smokin Aces

GC: Smokin’ Hoggz

Happiest Home in the Valley: Totally T-Bone

Top Fundraiser (who’s entry brought in the most money) Tubby’s BBQ Entry and Tub Tech LLC

All winners donated their prize money back to the Shiners!  Thank you!


There are some very special people that I need to thank!  First of all, Annella of Snake River Farms for your generous donation of Kurobuta Ribs for the event!  Call’s Shop and Save, thank you for your donation of Sausage.  Thank you to all the Judges this year, Nate, Abby, Gordon, Jake, Jason, Michael, Steve, Brent, Bub, James.

I want to thank the table captains that worked so hard to move the entries though, Jim and Lynn, We couldn’t have done it without your support!  A Big Thank you to Courtney and Izabel who were my turn in managers!

A special thank you to Ellen for coming and taking so many pictures for us!  You really captured what our event really is.  #memories  I will be putting a slide show together in the coming days.

Thank you to Shelby from Sowing Oats and Riverside Diner for all the extra advertising and donations that you raised from the diner!

To all the companies that donated items for our very fun auction.  Simply Marvelous, St. Louis BBQ Store, Give it to God, Lake Placid BBQ Competition, Brookline BBQ Festival, Campground BBQ, Eastern Propane, Smokin’ Hoggz, Libby and Sons U-Pick, Sowing Oats Tattoo, Michelle Boucouvalas, North East BBQ Society, Eric and Cindi Mitchell, Kezar Falls Napa, Sanel Auto Parts, Better than Average, and Flame Boss.  Without your donations we our auction would not have been as successful as it was!

Thank you to Mellen and Sons Disposal for donating the dumpster for the weekend.  It is so nice to work with you!

One last thank you to Greenleaf Masonic Lodge for donating their facility for us to use.   We couldn’t put this even on without your facility!

Thank you to Brent Tanguay and Steve Boucouvalas for attending the event for the day and your speeches on what the hospitals do and the impact that Shriners Hospitals for Children has had in our area.

 Thank you to all of our sponsors:

Snake River Farms - for donating the Ribs for the teams to use

Call's Shop n' Save - for donating the Sausage for the teams to use

Eastern Propane - for donating the outdoor heater/fit pit

Donations for the Auction have been provided by:

Simply Marvelous, Libby N' Sons, you picks,  Give it to God, Rubs and Injections, Campground BBQ, Lake Placid BBQ Competition, Brookline, NH fire department, Smokin' Hoggz BBQ Sauce,  Flame Boss and much much more!

Meet the Teams!

Smokin Aces, Burning Sensation, Hokie Pokie Q, Totally T-Bone BBQ, Pop's Chow Haul, Tubby's BBQ,  Cider Boys BBQ, Q-Shanty BBQ, Smokin' Hoggz BBQ, Nugget's Nibblets, Hammah Down BBQ, Baystate Barbecue Company, Smokin' Good Times ME, and Paddy McQ's BBQ, Poor House BBQ, School of Hard Knox (Riverside Diner).  This list will be updated as teams pay in.