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The Qube'd Pint



The Qube'd Pint is 6" wider than The Pint (our second best selling unit).  The wider width provides more air flow when cooking with full sheet pans.  It also allows 4-6 pork butts (depending on the size of the butts) or 3 racks of ribs per rack.  This is the perfect size smoker for competition BBQ.  

The unit above is showing the additional options of 6" casters, has door hinges on opposite side and daisy wheels on the firebox door.  

To request a freight/shipping quote call or email us today!

These units come stock with 2" ball valves for air intake.  The solid firebox door creates a stylish and modern look as well as an airtight environment.  Additional charges for freight/shipping will be added at time of shipping.  Call or email us today with any questions that you might have!

Standard Features
1200 Degree Non-flammable Insulation
3 Cooking Racks, steel expanded (9 Rack Locations in a drop in waterpan config, 8 Rack Locations in a slideout waterpan config)
Holds Full Size Hotel Pan
Steel 4" Water Pan
Tel-Tru Thermometer
Stylish Latches
Welded Tubular Sub-frame
Innovative Caster Clip which allows you to interchange casters and feet very easily
4" feet will come standard with your smoker unless you ordered a caster package

Outside Dimensions: 30w x 29d x 49h
Total Weight of cooker is 350lbs
Cooking chamber: 21.25w x 22.5 x 27h
Rack Size: 20.5w x 22d  


The above pictures shows the comparison of a Battle Box next to a Qube'd Pint.
Cooking Degrees: (approx) 180 to 425
Amount of Charcoal: 10-12lbs
Cooking Time: 12+ hours (Depending on temperature)
Meat: (approx) 16 butts, 15-18 racks baby backs, 12-15 chickens, 4 large turkeys, 5-8 beef briskets
To view these Add-Ons visit the accessories page
Additional Steel Racks
8" Casters (2 rigid, 2 swivel) 
Removable Heavy Duty Heat Diverter  
Stainless Slide Out Water Pan
Stainless Steel Grab Bars 
Stainless Steel Top 
Stainless Steel Doors 
Battle Wagon Cart Entry Level (Has to be ordered with Cooker) 

All Humphrey's models are available in royal blue, yankee blue, cherry red, candy apple green, fire orange, forest green, textured black, gloss black, gun metal gray, or chrome. Any color not listed can be custom ordered for an additional $175.
Please note:  Standard Models do not have Daisy Wheels, but instead have a 2" ball valve design.