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The Saturday


The Saturday smoker is part of the Humphrey's Weekender line.  This line of smokers is built with portability in mind.  The Saturday only weighs 117# loaded with racks and fire boxes. The Saturday is 10" less deep than the Weekender, still offering enough room to fit a half size hotel pan.  The Saturday comes with gloss black skins and stainless steel doors.   Did I mention it is MADE IN THE USA!!!!! 

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 Why did we name it the Saturday?  I asked the boy of the family who bought the first Special Edition Saturday what his favorite day of the week was.  He said "Saturday!  It's the only day I get to stay up past my bedtime!"  So it was fitting to put this smoker into the Weekender line and call it the Saturday!

Standard Features
1200 Degree Non-flammable Insulation
2 Cooking Racks (4 Rack Locations)
Holds 1/2 Size Hotel Pan
Stainless Steel 4" Water Pan
Tel-Tru Thermometer

Reverse Flow Design
Toggle Style Latches

Outside Dimensions: 20w x 16d x 33h
Total Weight of cooker is 112lbs
Cooking chamber: 15.5w x 13d x 14h
Rack Size: 14.75w x 12d 

Cooking Degrees: (approx) 180 to 375 (recommended max temp)
Amount of Charcoal: 6-8lbs
Cooking Time: 5-8 hours (Depending on temperature)
Meat: (approx) 2 butts, 8 racks baby backs (trimmed), 1-2 chickens,  1-2 brisket flats


Here is a picture showing the lineup of the Weekender series,  Weekender, Long Weekender and Saturday from left to right.