Rib Rack

Regular price $ 90.00

Use these rib racks to utilize cooker space.  Humphrey's rib racks are made of high grade steel and offer optimal airflow.  Season these racks like cast iron and they will last a lifetime!  We also offer them in Stainless Steel (dishwasher safe).

Choose "Standard Size" for Weekender, Long Weekender, Weebles, Battle Boxes, Pints, and DownEast Beast smokers. 14.5" x 22" (holds 4 racks of ribs)

Choose "Qube'd Size" for Qube'd Box, Qube'd Pint and Qube'd Beast smokers 20.5" x 22" (holds 6 racks of ribs)

Choose "Plus Size" for Box Plus, Pint Plus, and Beast Plus smokers 29.5" x 22" (holds 8 racks of ribs)

You can also use these racks on top of racks from other smoker manufactures