Simply Marvelous BBQ Rub Peppered Cow - 12oz

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This is Personally Chad Humphrey's go to Brisket Rub.  It has won us many awards and prize money in KCBS competitions.

Peppered Cow BBQ Rub is a wonderful blend of spices that take your BBQ beef dishes to the next level. Peppered Cow barbecue rub was formulated by championship BBQ  Pitmaster, Stephan Franklin of Simply Marvelous BBQ and has been competition tested and approved by BBQ judges making this beef rub an award-winning seasoning.  Peppered Cow BBQ Rub will give you the blue ribbon results you’ve been striving for.  

Peppered Cow is strong in flavor, we recommend it be used sparingly for the best BBQ results. Get award-winning BBQ anywhere you cook whether if it’s competition BBQ or backyard BBQ with Simply Marvelous Peppered Cow rub.