Stainless Steel Tank II – Gravity Feed Smoker

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Humphrey’s Gravity Feed Smokers are literally built like a tank.  What that means is that you will get rock solid temperatures!  Here are some of the features of the GF Tanks.

We use a welded Tube Assembly creating a "roll cage" as the base of the smoker.  We use heavy gauge materials such as 11 gauge and 14 gauge to build the interior portions of the cooking chamber and insulation cavity.  The insulation that we use is military rated for 1200 degrees.  Every seam on the exterior is fully welded and ground smooth.   Door latches are are also high grade using all metal fittings (no plastic parts that will wear out over time).  The Round Charcoal Chute is made from ¼” thick steel.  The round design also prevents bridging.  The charcoal chute in the Tank II will hold approx 15# of lump and 20-22# of briquettes.  

Here's the best part....These Gravity Feed smokers are super smokers.  Want to know why?.....they are reverse flow.  The smoke and heat disperse evenly on the outside of the cooking chamber, roll up to the top, then down through the meat hitting the water and slowly putting steam back into the meat and then the smoke exits the at the bottom of the chamber.  This convection style of cooking is top notch and has won many BBQ Competitions such as the American Royal and The Jack Daniels!  It will produce some of the best food you've ever eaten


Other standard features of this in stock smoker:

·         Probe Ports into the cooking chamber and to the air intake area ) 2” ball valve

·         6” Hard Rubber Casters

·         Humphrey's Quick change Caster Clips which enable you to change to casters with ease

·         Humphrey's Advanced Air Flow System

·         Dual front doors separating the cooking chamber from the warming box (below)

·         Drop in Water Pan  

·         The entire unit (besides the doors and chute) are made of thick stainless steel for easy clean up and rust free solution to a smoker built to last a lifetime

·         Comes with 3 Stainless Steel Round Bar Racks

 Cooking Chamber compares to our Cabinet Smoker the Qube'd Pint

Overall Dimensions: 37" wide (46" wide with handles), 30" Deep including thermometer, 54" tall including feet and chimney cap.

Cooking Chamber: 21.25" w x 22.5" d x 25" t

includes 3 racks 20" x 22" and has 9 rack locations

weighs approx 700#