The Holiday Weekender

Regular price $ 2,295.00

If you are looking for a cost effective smoker that has similar cooking capacity as the Qube'd Pint.....Look no further.  The Holiday Weekender is 6" wider than the Long Weekender!

These come equipped with a drop in stainless steel waterpan and 3 steel expanded racks.  (you can upgrade to stainless for $175.00)

The rail style feet offer tremendous support and each rail has two bolt holes to work with Humphrey's Weekender Cart.

These units are only available with  satin textured black bodies and stainless steel doors as picture shows.


Standard Features
1200 Degree Non-flammable Insulation
3 Cooking Racks (8 Rack Locations)
Holds Full Size Hotel Pan
Stainless Steel 4" Water Pan
Tel-Tru Thermometer 
Stylish Latches

Outside Dimensions: 26w x 26d x 41h
Total Weight of cooker is 212lbs
Cooking chamber: 21.5w x 23d x 20h
Rack Size: 20.75w x 22d 

Weight:  285#

Cooking Degrees: (approx) 90 to 400 (recommended max temp)
Amount of Charcoal: 6-8lbs
Cooking Time: 6-18 hours (Depending on temperature)
Meat: (approx) 12-18 butts or 24 racks baby backs or 6-8 chickens or  4-8 briskets