ThermaBond Stone

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 This item is currently on Back Order.  The manufacturer has closed due to Covid-19. We will begin to ship these directly to you once the warehouse is back open.  If you order other items too, those will ship to you immediately and then we will follow up with the stone.  

This stone will fit over the hole of the drop in water pan.  This stone will fit any standard size smoker such as the Weekender, Long Weekender, Weeble, Battle Box, Pint and DownEast Beast. 

This stone will enable you to cook dry (we do recommend using a drip pan above the stone).  Or you can place a water pan on top of the stone so that it is easier to access and remove after a long cook.

This stone is made from a ThermoBond material that is NSF approved.  It can with stand temperature of 900 degrees.

Measures 20" by 13.5" by .67".

You can also place it on a rack and cook Pizza, Bread and Cookies on it!