Smoked Black Bean Burgers

Smoked Black Bean Burgers

Do you love BBQ and smoking meat but a friend or family member is part of a non meat eating group? Looking to expand your pallet and just try something different? Try these smoked black bean burgers! They taste so much better than store brands and are super easy to make! As a vegetarian who loves BBQ and using her Humphrey's Smoker I'm always looking for new things to make and enjoy, and these are on my 'best smoked' list right now!




2 - 15oz cans of black beans

1/2 cup - Panko

1 TBSP (paste) or 1/4 cup (roughly chopped fresh) - Cilantro

1 tsp - Cumin

1 tsp - Chili powder

1 - Egg

1/2 cup - Corn

2 cloves - Garlic

1/4 tsp - Salt

1/4 tsp - Black pepper 


Other items needed:

- Smoker or grill with smoker box

- Cooking spray

- Baking sheet

- Wood chunks/ chips (I used apple but oak or cherry would be great)


1) Make sure your smoker is set to 250 degrees. Start by mashing the two cans of black beans (I used a potato masher), don't completely make the beans into a paste it's best to leave some whole or partially mashed. 

2) Combine the corn, cumin, chili powder, cilantro (I used the 'paste' you can find at most grocery stores because it's what I had on hand but fresh would be great.), minced garlic, and panko. I did add a dash of salt and pepper as well!

3) Once all ingredients are equally combined, get ready to form your patties! Start by spraying your baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray. Form your patties to be about an inch thick, I made 6 patties out of my mixture but made them a bit thicker than I would recommend so depending on the size you could plan on between 8-10 patties.

4) Set your baking sheet in the smoker. I cooked some turkey burgers at the same time as my black bean burgers, so the black bean burgers got pulled out of the smoker after an hour at the same time the turkey burgers did, but, depending on thickness you could pull them at about 45 minutes. 

5) Sear your burger bun and slice your toppings! I added Duke's mayo, tomato, American cheese, and avocado to mine but to each their own! Check out a picture of my finished product below! 



 Are you going to use this recipe to try making your own black bean burgers? Let us know if you do, we love to see the results! Share to our Facebook group, Humphrey's Smokers Fans and Owners or share on any platform with the #Humphreysrecipes! 


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