Color Policy

Color Policy

*Colors may vary based on color settings on computers and mobile devices. If you would like to order a color sample we can send an actual sample of our standard colors (3") $5.00each or purchase a full color ring for $12.95 (includes shipping)

*Custom colors are defined as colors that are not part of the standard color chart found on our FAQ page.

*If a color sample was supplied to you from Columbia Coatings or Prismatic Powders, it may differ from the finished product. The reason being: the powder companies use polished aluminum to spray their samples which differs from the stainless steel and steel skins that Humphrey's Uses.

*If you wish to purchase a custom color sample of a non stocking color "custom" $19.95 each sample 8" x 8" *Translucent and Top Coats will have varying hues throughout the color. If you wish for a more even color selection look at the illusion or metallic custom color options.

*If you wish to change a color after you have approved our color policy, there is a $50.00 handling fee.