How does a Reverse Flow Cabinet Smoker Work?

How does a Reverse Flow Cabinet Smoker Work?

We often get asked if our cabinet smokers are reverse flow. Yes they all are! Then customer will often ask how the reverse flow works. I created this graph to help to show how the heat and smoke move within the smokers.


How Does it Work?

😎Heat and smoke are created in the firebox at the bottom of the smoker
😎The cooking chamber is separate from the firebox area by the water pan.
😎This forces the heat and smoke out to the sides of the smoker where the encapsulated wall chamber is. The heat and smoke will rise up this cavity and spill over the top of the cooking chamber.
😎The heat and smoke then rolls down through the food where it hits the water pan.
😎It then exits the smoker into the chimney exhaust which is located just above the water pan.
😎The heat and smoke then ride up the chimney and exhausts into the atmosphere.


Why Reverse Flow?

🔥It acts like a convection style oven
🔥This creates even air flow throughout the cooking chamber
🔥Which makes for even temps (front to back, side to side, and top to bottom)
🔥It also contributes to incredible fuel efficiency.
🔥The Heat and Smoke are forced through the food and this is why competition teams love our smokers! Our smokers make incredible food!
🔥Less prone to temperature spikes
🔥Less ash on your food IF you need to refuel mid cook.

Let me know if you have any questions about how the reverse flow works.

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