Keeping it Clean!

Keeping it Clean!

How to cook in pans!

One question that we get asked often is "Can I cook in pans and still get great bark on our meat."  The answer is yes!  I am going to show you how!  But first, I want to tell you about 3 major benefits of cooking in pans.

1.  Easy clean up!  You won't need to worry about fat drippings throughout your smoker because the drip pan will catch all the drippings.

2.  Non-Existing Cross Contamination.  Worry less about cooking chicken and pork at the same time and getting the drippings from one meat onto another meat.  

3.  Direct moisture and easy braising.  Adding liquid to the bottom of the pan with rub and spices will infuse directly into the meat and keep it moist.  When the meat receives all the smoke that it will take, slip on a sheet a tin foil over the pan and continue to braise.  Your meat will be so juicy when following this method!


Things you will need to cook in pans. 

  • Disposable Tin Trays or Hotel Pans.  Choose a size that will fit in your smoker and will hold the amount of meat you want to cook.  
  • Wire Pan Inserts.  Choose an insert to fit your hotel or sheet pan.
  • Sheet Pan.  Choose a size that will fit your smoker.


Tin Trays and Hotel Pans come a min. of 2-1/2" deep and can be purchased up to 6" deep.  I like using this type of pan when cooking something that will drip a lot of fat like pork butts, pork belly, whole chickens or brisket.  The Hotel Pans will hold a lot of liquid. 

Where can I purchase Hotel Pans?   Here!    

Where can I purchase Wire Hotel Pan Inserts?  Here!

Sheet Pans are generally only have a 3/4" to 1" lip to catch grease.  I use these for wings and sausage.  This also makes transporting the wings from the kitchen to the smoker.  

Where can I purchase Sheet Pans?   Here!    

Where can I purchase Wire Sheet Pan Inserts?  Here!

Last tip of the day:   Don't forget to eat your veggies! :)







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