NFL Playoff Season Smoker Maintenance!

NFL Playoff Season Smoker Maintenance!

It's that time of the season again. NFL Playoffs! What's your prediction?


Have you prepared your smoker for the endless wings and ribs that you will be smoking during the playoffs and SuperBowl!  Follow these tips to get your smoker in Tip Top Shape!

Grease your hinges

I cannot stress this enough.  Make sure your doors (both upper and lower) swing freely.  I suggest greasing the hinges 3-4 times a year depending on usage.  (not needed on the Weekender series)

     How to:  Using PB blaster or WD-40 and spray each hinge seam.  Wiggle the door back and forth (open and close) so that the PB blaster or WD-40 works it way down in the hinge and the door swings freely.  

    There is no reason to remove the doors to do this, but if you should, try not to lose the specially machined washers.  

     Use caution as to not get the WD-40 or PB blaster into the cooking chamber.    Wipe up the excess!  It's that easy!

Check your gasket and latches

I like to take this time to inspect my gaskets.  I check to see if I have a good seal around the doors.  Am I loosing a lot of smoke out these areas?  Maybe it's time to replace the gasket or tighten the latch. 

Lets start with the latch:  Here's a video that will show you how to adjust the latch.

 You may find that the screw and ramp are stripped out.  This happens when your door isn't properly adjusted.  Don't worry we got your covered!  We sell the replacements online.  They are super easy to replace:  Click here for additional information. 

Sometimes you may need to do more than just adjust the latch.  You may need to replace out the gasket.  This too is easy! 

1.  Rip off the old Gasket

2.  Scrape off the old silicone adhesive

3.  Spread new silicone onto door

4.  Place new gasket onto the silicone bead and let dry.  

We have detailed instructions for this application on our How to Maintain your smoker page!

Need to order 1/2" dense gasket, click here?

Need to order high temp silicone adhesive, click here?

I know it takes time to do these maintenance things, but remember, by keeping up on these 3 things (hinges, latches and gasket), you are preserving your investment for many years and playoffs to come!  

How about those Patriots :)

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