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The age ole questions, what kind of noodles to use in Macaroni and Cheese?  Of course you use Macaroni past, but not according to Chad Humphrey, he loves to use mini shells.  And you know what it's just as yummy.  The shells hold just as much gooey cheesiness as the macaroni.  Here's a mac and cheese recipe worth trying.  It is laced with bacon and jalapenos

I have been begging Mike over at Rad Fondo BBQ to give me his yummy mac and cheese recipe!  He finally gave in and posted it on his blog.  It looks really easy to make.  Cheddar Cheese soup......who woulda thought!   I think some brisket burnt ends or a pulled pork sandwich next to this side dish and you have a complete meal that will leave any hungry fella full!  

If you try this recipe let me know what you think of it.  Do you have a recipe to submit.....Let us know!