The American Royal!  Is it on your bucket list?

The American Royal! Is it on your bucket list?

  Is attending the largest BBQ competition on your Bucket List?  Then you will want to attend the 2017 American Royal World Series of Barbecue held Labor Day Weekend at the Kansas Speedway.  What a great way to end the summer! 


There are one of two reasons why a person would attend this event.  1. Is to win a really big trophy, cape and crown, cash and lots of bragging rights or 2.  To party like crazy for three days, enjoying music, food and beverages of all sorts!


But Wait!  There’s more than just the BBQ competition and parties that happen at the American Royal.  The BBQ marketplace, high stakes Texas Holdem, Kids Q, and cow town family fun fest are just a few of the activities that outline this event. For more information and schedule click here.


As far the parties!  Oh My! Friday night is full of corporate sponsored events, private parties, and just plain mayhem!  This year I am excited to attend the OBR – Pigapoolza Party with a purpose.  

This event is presented by Sunbelt Rental and is a fundraiser for Operation BBQ Relief.  This is the biggest party at the American Royal and patrons will get to enjoy amazing BBQ, drinks and music.  You will get to see a live fire cooking demonsations where they will be cooking goat, 5 pigs and pork belly over an open fire.  Other food items you will get to enjoy are brisket, pig and chicken wings.  Make sure you bring your dancing shoes!


Backyard Barbecuers and Pitmaster Pros will be dueling it out to become a world champion of BBQ.  In order to become a world champion barbecuer you must present to the judges the following catergories, chicken, pork ribs, pork (shoulder or Boston butt), beef brisket, baked bean, potato, vegetable, and dessert. 


The American Royal isn’t just about the BBQ.  They are there to raise money.  In previous years, 1 million dollars was raised for youth schololarships and educational programs.

 Here is a few of the sponsors for the event!  With sponsors like this, you know it will be a kick ass time!

It's my favorite event of the year and I hope to see you there! 

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