Humphrey's Charcoal

Humphrey's Charcoal can be purchased - In Store Only

Humphrey Charcoal was originally founded in 1902 as a clay, brick and tile manufacturer.    All of our kilns were converted over to make charcoal in 1941 due to the demand and abundance of hardwoods in Pennsylvania and the request of the United States government for use during World War II.  In 1947, Humphrey Industries developed one of the first briquetting plants in existence and briquettes quickly became the “preferred” Charcoal of Choice! 



Humphrey's Charcoal - Natural Lump 20# bag

Fire up the grill and make great-tasting barbequed meats using this 20 lb. bag of Humphrey natural lump charcoal! Committed to sustainability, all Humphrey Charcoal products are made from renewable resources. This charcoal sears meat at high temperatures to lock in the pure smoky flavor your customers are looking for. 

Featuring a natural lump shape, this charcoal comes from renewable hardwoods. And since it’s all natural, no unwanted chemicals, additives, or fillers will be cooked with your foods.


Humphrey's Charcoal - Natural Briquette  18# bag

Humphrey's has been making premium charcoal for over 60 years, prepared under high quality standards giving you a traditional charcoal flavor, consistency and keeping it all natural at the same time!

No sodium, saw dust or anthracite coal has been used to make this charcoal.