Pizza Oven

Regular price $ 3,695.00

Humphrey's Pizza ovens come either as a counter top model or with the cart and caster.  

*All Stainless Steel, except for internal round barrel which will put more flavor into your food (just like cast iron)
*fully insulated
*6” dual walled chimney with damper (made in USA)
*paddle holder built into cart
*hardwood handle with stainless spine
*stainless wood holder to keep ash contained
*firebrick lined floor
*28” x 30” cooking area
*damper keeps 90% more heat inside the smoker
*chimney is click together and extensions can be added to put thru a roof
*Oven with cart weighs approx 500#.   The oven without the cart weights approximately 425#
*Cart comes with 6" hard rubber casters and a stainless steel shelf with drainage holes which make it perfect to store your firewood
*easy to light, and maintain temps with chimney damper and door dampers
*1000 degree thermometer