Removable Feet and Legs

Regular price $ 80.00

One option that I highly recommend is getting either casters or removable feet. Our standard option is 4" straight feet and will come with your smoker if you do not order casters.

Our caster clip system is welded to each smoker which enables you to interchange our custom built removable feet or casters.  The caster plates (4" x 4 -1/2") will stay secured with a heavy duty carriage bolt .  

4" straight feet (standard) come with a bolt-able plate on the bottom

8" straight feet (sets your smoker up higher) come with a bolt-able plate on the bottom


6" compound angled feet  are angled diagonally and have a caster clips on the bottom so that you can mount casters to them. This creates a wider wheel base and steads the unit.

***Note:  4" feet come standard with smokers, IF you do not choose a caster option, no need to order the feet.

***Note:  All feet and Legs are Gloss Black

****Feet have bolt plates on the bottom, Legs have our caster clips on the bottom.