The Pint Plus

Regular price $ 4,250.00

Double the width of The Pint, this unit will hold two full size pans side by side.  It's like having two Pints in one.  Mount this smoker to a trailer and BBQ where ever you go or mount Dually 8" casters for easy mobility. It's great for BBQ comps, BBQ gatherings, and catering. 

 These units come stock with 2" ball valves for air intake.  The solid firebox door creates a stylish and modern look as well as an air tight environment.  

The Pint Plus will come standard with Textured Black Skins, Textured Black Doors, Chrome with Clear Coat hardware. We also offer 10 standard colors or if you would like to have a custom Beast Plus quoted, please contact us at or visit our custom smoker page.  

Images show the upgrades of the Round Bar Handles, Compound Angled Legs and 8" Dually Casters, Not Included in the price.

Current lead time 4-8 weeks

Made in the USA, medals, challenge coins and medallions  Now offering Consumer Financing

Standard Features

1200 Degree Non-flammable Insulation 
3 Cooking Steel Expanded Racks
Hold Full Size Hotel Pans 
Stainless Steel 3” Water Pan 
Removable Heat Deflector 
Slide Out Water Pan Holder 
Stylish Latches 
Welded Tubular Sub frame 
Two Probe Ports
6" Hard Rubber Casters
Reverse Flow Air Flow Design
Dual Wall Construction


Outside Dimensions: 39w x 29d x 50h
Total Weight of cooker is 700lbs
Cooking chamber: 30.25w x 22.5 x 25.5h
Rack Size: 29.5w x 22d 

Recommended Max Cooking Temp 425°F
Amount of Charcoal: 10-12lbs
Cooking Time: 12+ hours (Depending on temperature)
Meat: (approx) 16 butts, 15-18 racks baby backs, 12-15 chickens, 4 large turkeys, 5-8 beef briskets(the purchase of additional racks maybe needed)

 Pictures may show upgraded options such as 8" dually casters, Grab Bar Handles and 6" compound angled legs

Choose a color for the body, a color for the doors, and a color for the hardware.